How to mute only 'participants'

Hi - We’re using the telephone conference call. As the host, if I use *5, does that mute just ‘paticipants’? Will my other ‘hosts’ remain unmuted?


*5 mutes all of your participants, if you are going to have co-host, they will need to enter in the host pin so they will not be muted.

We do not limit on how many co-hosts you may have, Please read below to not get confused on how to become a host

Here the question was asked if a meeting is being held on phone. How mute participants only when hosting a meeting through PC?


With the computer this task is even much easier.

  1. Install our application
  2. Host a meeting (not Join)
  3. Open attendee list and use controls.

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What does hold/unhold button does? What is the purpose of lock button?

Also, please share the use of mode button.

  • Conference Lock: Locks the conference and blocks new participants from entering the meeting.
  • Conference Hold: puts all participants on hold (listening to the music) letting hosts to have a private conversation.
  • Mute Mode: Allows host to mute all participants. In the “Lecture” mode participants are NOT able to unmute self in “Muted” mode participants are able to unmute self

Thank you very much. :clap::clap::clap::pray::pray: I couldn’t find such simple description of these buttons anywhere in FCC. I highly recommend to have simple reference guide in a book form to let users understand the hidden benefits of FCC. This will make FCC more popular.

Thanks once again.

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In Lecture mode, all hosts are still unmuted; just the participants are muted and unable to unmute, correct? Thanks.

yes, this is correct.