I am using a Mac iOS version 10.5 and I am unable to download your FreeConferenceCall desktop application, is my Mac compatible?

At this time your Mac iOS is not compatible. In order to use our FreeConferenceCall desktop application your Mac iOS version needs to be 10.7 or higher.

I am using Mac iOs version 10.14.6 (Mojave) and cannot install the FreeConferenceCall desktop application

Can you assist on this ?

Good Morning,

Are you receiving an error message when trying to install the application?

When trying to install the application does it just disappear?

Is this personal or work computer?

Thank you.

We support Mac starting from 10.7 and up. I have 10.14.6 myself and it works fine.
Try to run the installer from the command line and send us the logs
This is how it looked on my computer …

ET-iMac:Downloads etcipnja$ ./FCC_installer_41b37763.app/Contents/MacOS/FCC_installer 
ET-iMac:Downloads etcipnja$ [2019-09-25 15:23:57.135] [     TT?] [WRN] [FreeSeeClie:213] Application will finish launching
[2019-09-25 15:23:57.165] [     TT?] [WRN] [FreeSeeClie:256] Application did finish launching
Deleting obsolete file: "/Users/etcipnja/Library/Application Support/com.freesee.FreeConferenceCall/logging/FreeConferenceCall_25-8-19.log"
2019-09-25 15:23:57.234 FreeConferenceCall[40996:2295341] PREFS - {
	"general"	:{
		"remember"	:true,
		"email"	:"et@et.com",
		"name"	:"ET",
		"requested_lang"	:"",
		"stop_show_survey"	:false,
		"survey_runs"	:0,
		"cobrand"	:"",
		"locale"	:1,
		"application_screen"	:0,
		"first_run"	:false,
		"lang"	:"en",
		"first_run_country_code"	:"us",
		"new_ui_first_run"	:false},

and more and more logs …