I was bullied in middle of my class in FCC - Please add "Wait Lobby"


More than a complain, is a request.

I was teaching my class when suddenly a bully insulted me during the conference, despite having a password, that person joined in to the class to do some mess. I checked out the conference report and it says a phone number… I don’t know if it is related with a FCC account or something.

I want to suggest to add a pop-up where it says the name of the person and I, as organizer, can allow or deny the access to the class when connecting succesfully. It is something similar like in Zoom’s waiting lobby. It would be nice to have this feature in order to filter the people who belong to our classes/conferences from the people that just want to interrupt, insult or to do messy the meeting.

Please put this feature in FCC. Thanks!


On behalf of FreeConferenceCall I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you and your callers. I will go ahead and put down that a suggestion was made for such a feature. Also, if you are using our FreeConferenceCall platform and you have a caller that is being disruptive you can always log into your account online and once logged in you can go to your “Meeting Wall” and then to the “Web Controls” feature. From there you can lock your conference call so no one can join in. You can also Mute or Drop specific callers under your attendee list.