Integration with nextcloud

Why not to integrate fcc and huddle with the opensource nextcloud ?

We have an API and even SDK that we may give to developers who want to dive into the integration.
To make it proper though they need to choose us as a conferencing engine, but I doubt that it is going to happen.


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Well, how do developers interested in using your conferencing engine get the required permissions and support?



There are two types of integration:

  • via API
  • via SDK

Allows you to automate things typical for user interaction on the web site. Check it out here Reference Documentation
Note that all user experience will be branded to FCC, you just automate certain things.

We do have a low level SDK to develop Desktop, Mobile and Web applications for a complete white label products.
Using this method is not free and would require a support contract.
If you want to continue please send me a private message I’ll connect you to our sales.

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Hello Eugene,

Can you share with me how to contact you directly. I am very much interested in the sdk and it’s pricing as our audience on fcc is growing.

On standby,