Invites Method For Conferencing, Like Eventbrite or Meetup

Hi, This is more of a best practice type of question. I’m planning on starting a group of seminars. I’m comfortable with FCC, and would like to use it my broadcast tool.

I’d like to find out how people doing the same collect registration information. Web forms? Eventbrite? Others? Thanks

I can’t tell what most people are using. I guess anything you are comfortable with going to work as integration is pretty straighforward

In the future we are planning to spin off the “Event” version of free conference call.

That’s interesting and somewhat disconcerting. Will events no longer be free? I’m investing some elbow grease in a long term project and FCC is written in the plan.

The service you have now will remain free.

We plan to have the extended version specifically tailored for events. Let’s say 5K simultaneous participants, streaming options, registrations, etc. Those will be the new features that we do not have now. This service likely will change premium.

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