iPhone looses video

Particpant is using mobile app v on iPhone.
Click Join the conference shown. Has correct name and dial in onenumber.
The dial in window asks connect by telephone or wi-fi. Click telephone. The app gives a number to dial in which is not the onenumber. Participant accepts.
Host sees participant in the conference in progress, which the host dialed in with the onenumber. Participant Clicks video on mobile app. Host and particpant see Participant’s video on host’s wall. Particpant shortly looses video. Host sees loss of video but participant still present. Host leaves conference disconnecting all participants. Participant on iPhone hears “Hold” music and tells host who lives nearby.
Host logs into account and sees on his Web controls that participant is waiting alone in a conference. Host, who is not in the conference, is able to disconnect the participant.
It appears when participant dialed the number which was not the onenumber, participant was joined to two conferences: one established by the host and a new one which permitted starting without host. Is there a fix or way to avoid this problem. Was the loss of video due to this “two conference” thing or something in the network?
Sorry for the long explanation but wanted to be clear.

With the FCC app on an iPhone, a participant can have participant’s video in the conference.
When the participant (iPhone) looks at the phone the conference can see her face. But when she is speaking into the iPhone, her video does not show her face.
To avoid this, use the iPhone’s speaker.
After Participant clicks join,
1. accept the number presented.
2. Turn on iPhone speaker mode immediately
3.Look at the iPhone while both speaking and listening. The conference will hear you and see you.

Hello, this is a loaded question :slight_smile:

I have two notes that may help:

  • iPhone gives you a dynamically assigned phone number when you choose to dial by phone. This is ok, it would not cause you to dial to the wrong conference. I think application is even explaining why it happens. In a nutshell: it allows people who have an access code to skip entering it because the dynamic number already has the access code embedded into it. Another reason to give you a dynamic number is to prevent carriers from blocking your call due to the overload or other reasons.

  • your video from iPhone will be sent out only if our application is in focus. If you switch to some other application your video will not be sent to remote party due to privacy issue (check FaceTime, it has the same behavior)

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