Is there a 'Mirror' in Settings?

Is there a ‘Mirror’ setting - somewhere in the Video Settings?
My Live Video is always ‘flipped’…and it is also ‘flipped’ on all my Recordings.
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You shall see yourself like in a mirror but your recording shall look normal. See below

Think of it like you are seeing people through the reflective glass. You are on the one side and they are on the other.
To them the chess board (on my screenshot) will be on their left while for you it will be on the right.

Getting back to the question:
No, we do not have the mirror option. It is actually easy to add, we will consider adding it in the future. If you really need it now you may try to find software that comes with your camera, they often have this option.

here is some random video on how to dow it with some random camera How To Change Your Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam to Mirrored - YouTube

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Now OBS works perfectly with Freeconferencecall and it has this functions