Is there the possibility of MUTING a participant?


Being the conference meeting holder, I would have the need to mute participants.

Is there any way to do this?


Below are the instructions on how to mute your participants when dialled in as the host.

The host will press *5

Then They will press either:

1 = Soft Mute(Participants can unmute their line by pressing *6)

2 = Hard Mute( Participants cannot unmute their line Lecture Mode)

3 = Unmute All

If the host wants to change to a different mute setting they will hit *5 again and choose what mute setting they want. Thank you.

OK great, thank you!

Hi Mikey

For the first time I tried to press *5 today, in the Online Meeting application, but nothing happened…

Where do I need to enter this command?



Were you using the desktop application or the mobile application?

*5 to be pressed on the phone keypad If you dialed on the phone as a host.

But it appears that you used the application. For the desktop app you need to “Host” a meeting (not “Join” the meeting) and then you’ll see the following controls in the Attendee list

OK, great, thank you!