Latency Between Clicking and the Desired Action

Every time I’m in a meeting I experience approximately 2-5 seconds latency between clicking a button and getting the desired action (join, mute, move to a breakout room, leave, etc.). I always use the FCC desktop app. I don’t experience perceptible latency on Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Go to Meeting. My computer, broadband equipment, connections, and delivery are excellent in all other uses. Is this attributable to the capacity of your servers, or is there a setting somewhere that I could tweak?
Desktop App: v. 3.2.7316-6e02416
Test results: “Check Connection” 55ms latency, “OK” download, 9.8 mbps upload; Local - 7ms ping, 164mbps down, 10 up; Los Angeles - 53ms ping, 163mbps down, 10mbps up; Frankfurt - 141ms ping, 94mbps down, 10 mbps up.
Equipment: Intel Core i7 @ 1.90 GHz, Windows 10, 64 bit


This is not because of the network. This is because of the overloaded GUI thread (CPU overload). We are doing some modifications to offload the GUI thread. It shall start feeling better in the with the next two releases.

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Thank you for your quick response. That makes sense. Talking with other hosts, I believe the action occurs almost instantly when I press a button and the delay I’m seeing is just slow response within the GUI. Looking forward to the updates!