Link to direct participants to Web Viewer, NO download

When participants use the current join link (i.e., “[MEETINGID]”) they are now asked to download the desktop application. I would prefer to direct people to the Web-based / Web Viewer version which is sufficient for my purposes and makes it much easier for the participant. Is there a way to provide a link that forces participant to Web Viewer version?

Hello! When your participants attempt to connect via your online meeting link. have them cancel the pop-up to download the app. Next, have them click on “Problems with the application?” hyperlink under the download instructions prompt box; the option to use the web viewer should now be available.

The reason why users are automatically being prompted to download our app is because of our newest video conferencing feature which allows up to 25 video feeds to show at once. At this time, the web viewer cannot handle that many feeds. Our developers are working to upgrade the web viewer, however no eta at this time.


Thank you for the bypass instructions, but PLEASE create a way/link that does not force this process. This turns me into a technology support person for my clients… I just want to have them load directly into the Web viewer without a download.