Link to direct participants to Web Viewer, NO download

When participants use the current join link (i.e., “[MEETINGID]”) they are now asked to download the desktop application. I would prefer to direct people to the Web-based / Web Viewer version which is sufficient for my purposes and makes it much easier for the participant. Is there a way to provide a link that forces participant to Web Viewer version?

Hello! When your participants attempt to connect via your online meeting link. have them cancel the pop-up to download the app. Next, have them click on “Problems with the application?” hyperlink under the download instructions prompt box; the option to use the web viewer should now be available.

The reason why users are automatically being prompted to download our app is because of our newest video conferencing feature which allows up to 25 video feeds to show at once. At this time, the web viewer cannot handle that many feeds. Our developers are working to upgrade the web viewer, however no eta at this time.


Thank you for the bypass instructions, but PLEASE create a way/link that does not force this process. This turns me into a technology support person for my clients… I just want to have them load directly into the Web viewer without a download.

Yes. It can be a no-deal making my clients feel forced to download anything or go through several screens and steps. Please correct this.

Here you go! (it was discussed in a separate thread)

(do not forget to replace “-meetingid-” with yours)
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YES, this is still a huge issue and cause for much frustration. People are using the provided link thinking they can now join the meeting. Instead, they get the Club’s account window showing a large green bar “Join Online Meeting”, which does NOT lead to the meeting as one would expect but instead triggers a useless popup window and an .exe file download that nobody notices (the most common phrase we hear: “Nothing is happening”). To make things worse, that .exe file download is being blocked by security software, asking to “keep or discard” the file, etc. Some Seniors have no idea what that means or what to do, let alone find a downloaded file afterwards.
Again, people are not noticing what’s happening discretely at the bottom of their screen because they’re focusing on the account page. Furthermore, these people don’t want or can’t (old equipment) install the app so they expect to join via the web link - that’s the whole purpose of the web link.
The weirdest thing is that the tiny word “Join” at the very top of that page does actually lead to the meeting. So, why make it so difficult to join the meeting? That giant “Join Online Meeting” bar should link directly to where that tiny word “join” leads - the meeting.


I am sorry this caused the frustration. I recorded a video and sent it to you as a private message showing how it supposed to work.
To summarize:

  • yes, we prefer user to run the application
  • we do have a fallback to a web viewer. User has to click the link “Problems with the Application?”
  • if user decided to use the web viewer - we memorize this decision for 30 days and don’t ask to download
  • we do have ability to completely bypass the application by tweaking the join link (see above or on the video I’ve sent to you)

Hope it helped, please do not hesitate to contact me further

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Here is the specific article covering this case:

Dear Eugene,
First, THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this video response - that is awesome customer service!!

Now, by doing this demonstration you too may have realized, how confusing this whole process is.
Now imagine someone who has no clue about anything other than to turn on an old laptop or desktop computer (too old to install the app) and maybe do an Internet search or check e-mails. That’s what I’m dealing with - many elderly people who know nothing about downloading, nor do they understand the terms to describe things! And, many can’t see clearly either, so they’re focusing on one point on their screen and are completely oblivious about what’s happening anywhere else on the screen, especially when they’re in full screen mode at 200%.

But what they can do is click on a direct link they receive and then enter their name and e-mail address.
Therefore, that direct link you provided is a God sent - you really need to let people know about this in the instructions/support page for the FCC web viewer.

By the way: From my own experience, I often miss the slim download bar at the bottom of my own screen too. If it weren’t for my security software showing me a bright red button asking me if I want to keep or discard a file, I too would be saying “nothing is happening” and I would totally miss that slim bar and tiny text appearing at the bottom of my screen even though I have a large-screen monitor - and I’ve worked with computers and software since the very beginning when they first came into existence in Europe! I’ve done many successful installations and software troubleshooting over the past 35 years and therefore recognize when a process is confusing and could be made easier, as is the case with the link you now provided.

So again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for providing this direct link. This will be extremely helpful!

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