Live music no longer heard on dial-in

We (a church) have been using FCC since the beginning of the pandemic with a dedicated number and have become dependent on it. We have some members in retirement homes that only have access to a phone in their room to participate in the Sunday service. Even though we’ve implemented live video streaming, we continue to use FCC in tandem for these people.

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that the live music no longer comes through at all. In the past, it sounded garbled but the choir singing would come through. A few weeks ago, we noticed that whenever the live music starts, the dial-in line simply sounds like nothing is happening. Every few seconds, you’d hear some squeaky sound, then nothing. This is causing confusion among the (elderly) members that depend on this and hang up thinking that the line has died. I’ve noticed them calling in multiple times but end up giving up.

What changes were introduced that would have caused this?

On our end, nothing has changed. We have a high-end computer connected to a sound board, which in turn has multiple mics, and an amplifier. Locally, it sounds perfectly (through headphones), but through the phone and the app, we simply don’t hear anything. We’re running on a symmetrical 300mb internet connection so I know we have enough bandwidth to get better sound quality.

Again, just to be extra clear. This is a new problem.

This is probably related to our new noise reduction system. To change this setting go to Preferences - Audio in FCC app. Turn of “Noise reduction” (it will be orange color if it’s ON) and retest.