Mac 10.15 Catalina


Those of you who happened to upgrade your Mac to 10.15 Catalina might notice some new (unpleasant) behavior.

  • OS may ask you (again) to give a permission to our application to access mic, camera and screen recording.
  • Depending on your answer you may accidentally limit our application’s ability to function properly. The most confusing part is “Screen Recording”. If you don’t give the application Screen Recording permission - it won’t be able to capture your windows during Screen Sharing. Your participants only be able to see your wallpaper.

To fix it go to System Preferences/ Security and Privacy
Check “Screen Recording”, “Microphone” and “Camera”
Even if the permission is checked, you may need to uncheck it and check again! Long live Catalina!


Our application may complain that permissions are not given, however System Dialog shows permissions set

  1. Try to toggle permission back and forth
  2. (if did not help) try to run command in the console
tccutil reset All com.freesee.FreeConferenceCall
  1. (if did not help) try to restart a computer