Meeting Wall Calendar Password Reset

Wall Calendar asking for a password. I don’t recall setting one.

How can I change it and reset password

We centralized all security options in “My profile settings”

I configurated this security code in settings, but when trying to access (Android App) it shows the error that the security code is not correct. What I did wrong? Whats happen? How to solve this problem?

I could not reproduce this problem. Please check that you are on the latest version of the app.
Try to enter the code from the desktop app, does it work there?

Unfortunatelly it does not work :frowning:


This looks like Android with DE language. I’ve tried to reproduce your problem on couple of test accounts and even on your account and was able to open password protected calendar.
Apparently there is some misunderstanding going on here. Please feel free to send me a private message or contact our customer support.

In your configuration the Calendar is not even configured to be displayed on the wall. So you shall not even see the prompt to open it in the mobile app. Try to reinstall the app. I do not see any logical reason for you having this problem.

Thank you,