Meeting wall controls missing on conference call initiated on Android phone

I had a conference call today using my conference number and pin on my Android phone–I was the host. On my Wall, which I accessed from the same phone with my browser (Chrome) I could see that there were a couple of callers, but the numbers were no listed individually, and more important, I could not mute/unmute participants.
How is it possible to access these controls on the browser of a phone when you are using the same phone to call in and host after entering your pin?

We can advise to use Free Conference Call mobile app, you can find download links here: Downloads |

I tried the app. It won’t let me do it either.

To clarify: I am hosting a conference call for elderly people using my pin less dial in number–using a pin is too confusing for them. I have to enter a pin to host the meeting.
Will the app let me host a meeting using this pin less dial in number from my Android phone? I see some message saying Telephony not supported by this application.