Music comes through garbled

My problem when trying to add music to my conference it comes through garbled. I tried all the available sound switches in FCC and there was no improvement. I used an external microphone on an android device. A good quality RODE shotgun mic. The sound that came through with FCC and this external mic, sounded like it needed more bandwidth. The following week I tried another product Zoom with their “original sound” setting. This produced acceptable audio. What I am trying to add to a conference is a live band with instruments and singers. I would like to see a similar feature in FCC. Thanks, Kevin


Your observation is correct. We are using codec that is not necessarily the best for music. It is much better (wideband) than what you see in telephone network (narrowband) and works great for speech but if we have to support music applications we need to switch to a different codec.

As the matter of fact our software already has necessary support, we just need to make a plan how to roll it out as it will take more resources in our data centers.
I will use your inquiry to support this discussion.

If you have a chance to plug your mic into a computer and try to use it instead of Android you may get better results. Mobile applications have additional logic that fights with echo and it may affect sound quality.

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