New Breakout Room Features


We had total chaos today due to the breakout room changes.

The breakout rooms used to simply exist.

People only needed. to press *3 and the room number (1-9).

Now with the update, we have to turn ON or create breakout rooms.

It looks like this can only be done using the desktop computer app. There is no way to turn ON or create a breakout room using the telephone or smartphone app or internet browser.

This is very inconvenient as none of us use the desktop app. In fact, this feature is not new. All that has been done is that it is turned OFF by default and now we need to manually turn it ON EVERY TIME we have a conference.

Am I missing something???

Can we simply turn breakout rooms ON as a setting and leave it ON always?

Is there a way to turn this on with the smartphone app, internet browser, AND telephone?

It seems they took a feature and made it 10 times more difficult to use without adding anything new or useful.

Today’s conference was a disaster. When callers were asked to hit *3 and enter their room number, everyone got error messages and no hosts knew how to turn on the breakout room feature.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I configured your account so you have all 9 rooms opened by default.

Thank you,

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Thank you, but can you please tell me know to do this myself, turn this on as default?

I use several conference lines and I would like to set this for the others myself.

Thanks again.

currently this feature is not exposed to the user interface. Please contact our support (or send me your Online MeetingIDs) we can enable you there.

Would you please do the same to this account? enable breakout rooms? thank you

Just to be clear: everybody have the access to the breakout rooms. The question is whether or not rooms are going to be open by default.
I made this account to have 9 rooms open by default.

well, i’m with the user5608169, in that this update has in fact closed access to the breakout rooms. before the advent of new automatically assignable breakout rooms, by default these rooms were open and my callers could just hit *3 and 1-9 to join any room. now they are closed by default and must be opened by the host every meeting and only on the app and it seems, only on a computer not a phone or tablet. this is a big pain in the ass. please reset the breakout rooms to be open by default or at least allow the account owner the option of setting them to be open by default. my meeting is seven days a week and my daily hosts do not have the access to open the rooms every day, only I do (since i just give them the host code and not full access to my account).

I enabled your account with 9 rooms open by default.
We are considering to add this option to the UI so people can decide for themselves.

Thank you,

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I’m having problems with the Breakout Rooms also. I would like the feature to be a default as well with the extra settings for randomly assigning attendees to breakout rooms to be turned to off. Is this possible?

Who should I call to enable my account with breakout rooms to open by default? I do not want participants to be added randomly to the rooms. Thank you.


I sent you a direct message to gather further info so that I may further assist you. If at anytime you would like to speak to a customer service representative, you can call 1-844-844-1322. Thank you.

Please enable my account for 9 breakrooms by default.


you shall be all set

Thank you,

Please enable our account for 9 breakout rooms by default.

Thanks in advance.

You shall be all set

Thank you,

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When we tried the breakout room feature in an audio-only conference – by pressing *3, then waiting for the prompt, then selecting a “subconference room” (from 1 through 9) – we were told “your input is invalid.” Is there something else we need to do in the settings to make it work? One member suggested that only a host or panelist could initiate a subconference. Is that true?

You were right!

Thank you for being our customer since 2014! I closely checked your account and found that your MeetingID is using old format - this is why my first attempt to apply change did not work. I made through some hoops and managed to update your account and keep your existing meetingID.
If you do not have attachment to your existing “Online Meeting ID” I’d recommend to change it to something that is easy to remember for your participants. For example “kwumc”

I also tested that after my modifications the breakout rooms are open and operational.
Thank you,

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Thank you, Eugene! We were successfully able to use breakout rooms. And to clarify some confusion we may have inadvertently caused, the breakout rooms could be initiated by ordinary (non-host) participants. Your work and that of your colleagues in making so useful is greatly appreciated!

Kelly Woodlawn UM Church

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