New meeting report is a step back

I just finished a meeting and received a brand new meeting report. Looks nice, BUT TOTALY UNUSEFUL.

Normally when I receive meeting report, there is a link to a recording that I forward to a client I had meeting with. Now there is just a button “View Call Detail Report”. When I click on a button, I am redirected to a FFC web page, where I need to login and download a PDF of a meeting. Then I would need to compose an email and attach pdf and sent it to a client.

Please revert back old report, it worked just well. Next time ask US CLIENTS, USERS before you make such a drastic change. I have few meetings every day and this is for me way more unnecessary action.

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Thank you for your feedback!

You may share recordings by clicking on the arrow icon under the recording options column in History& Recordings section. Clicking on that arrow will provide you with a link that you can copy and paste to send out to your participants.

I know that, but this is way more complicated than before … As I said, it is a step back. For me. I receive a fancy report, that is useless. For me at least. I am sorry.

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I fully agree with above statement that it’s a step back. It’s inconvenient to have to sign in to get the details of the meeting attendees. I would think it would even add work to Free Conference Call to create as PDF and CSV file for download.


Totally agree! The new format is not an improvement. Would love to see the attendance list and recording link in the email report return.


There are no plans to change this format, we apologize for any inconveniences

Is there any reason for sticking with the ‘new’ report format?