No conference report

Today after 4PM CET I noticed that I didn’t get any report after finished conference. Something wrong with system?


You can call into customer care and anyone of our customer care representatives can resend you your call detail report. Our customer care number is 1-866-866-1322 we are 24 hours. Thank you.

Hello Mikey
I posted this for your technicians to look into issue, because I noticed that if I open a ticket, I don’t get any feedback. For me reporting still doesn’t work. I just tested few minutes ago twice the conference and no report came. Please investigate the issue. I would be happy for other’s feedback if you guys get reports. It worked for me until yesterday.

PS. Calling to your number from another part of the world, this is a bit funny, I think. I should be able to reach you through email or another maybe support chat.


I sent you a direct message. So that I can further investigate your issue. Thank you.

There is some problem on our server with your email as it looks like. I created a redirect for my email and everything is going through with exception of your emails. So it looks that reports are coming now and problem is FCC email address. This I will trying to solve with my hosting provider


I sent an email directly to you. Please let me now if you received it. Thank you.