No sound in screen sharing videos

We would like to share a video to all attendees during the middle of a video conference call, we can see the video playing (although very pixelated) but there is no sound.

Is there any work around?

The broadcast feature would be perfect but with .mp4 rather than .mp3

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When you dial into the conference with our Desktop Client we capture audio from your mic.
If you start playing (lets say YouTube) video on your screen there is nothing going through your mic and this is why your participants can not hear sound from YouTube clip.

Sharing video over screen sharing is not generally good idea as screen sharing is optimized to pass very fine details (like a fine print) while video is all about frame rate and colors.

Possible solution would be to improve the broadcasters so it allows you to upload mp4 files and play them back into the conference. I think we need seriously consider this possibility for the future development.

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ok thank you for considering this

YES…ABSOLUTELY! I noticed that the broadcaster did not allow for mp4…yes sir, bring it on.

Is this a big deal to add?
We all would use that feature.

Yes, please do bring in this functionality quickly. Thanks.

Si, por favor, Yo insistirĂ­a en este tema ya que es fundamental para ilustrar las presentaciones.

Fabulosa herramieta FCC !!!

Saludos muy cordiales!