Note of Gratitude!

This is a heartfelt THANK YOU! note from a grateful user.

A church organization I am currently consulting for used FCC to pioneer an all-live, interactive church service online, which is really different from the typical streamed service on Facebook live or YouTube. With video conferencing, the participants are able to see each other and, where appropriate, to hear each other’s voices, thereby enhancing the quality of fellowship even though they are not able to congregate physically during this COVID-19 season.

Unfortunately, many participants felt that the FCC app was “heavy” on their systems, so we were forced to migrate the entire online service (therefore, the congregation) to Zoom. I can only hope that some among them will return for other video conferencing engagements other than the church service. Whatever the case, I am glad I was able to introduce at least 30 people to FCC.

Please know that your commitment to providing such quality service at little or no cost is precious and is changing the world.

With much gratitude,
(Kenya, East Africa)

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Thank you for your feedback about our service. We value you and your members for using our service and being loyal customers. We at FreeConferenceCall will continue to provide our services to you and all our customers for free. If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer care at 844-844-1322. You may also contact customer care by sending an email to Thank you.