Online meeting ID

In my account I have defined an “Online meeting ID”. For discussion purposes, let’s suppose I chose “DIV_online”

So far I have had one successful online meeting. The invitation included the Online Meeting ID as “DIV_online”.

Now I want to invite a different person to meet online, but the invitation is still included the Online Meeting ID as “DIV_online”.

So this seems to be similar to the ‘Personal Meeting Room’ in Zoom, which there are some known issues to be cautious of.
In particular, once multiple users have been informed of the ‘universal’ Online Meeting ID, then there is a risk that someone will (perhaps accidentally) attempt to join a meeting that I am hosting but which that user/person hasn’t been invited to.

I have set up a Waiting Room, so I can filter this. But I would like to know whether that is the only thing stopping anyone with knowledge of the Online Meeting ID from ‘crashing’ a meeting.


Online meeting doesn’t change, but you can change it in My Profile Settings section: Free Audio Conferencing |