Optimizing DTMF Signal Timing (for both pause and duration) for Improved Access Code Recognition

In a few instances, when I enter the access code, it’s marked as invalid. This makes me wonder if the issue lies in the duration and pauses of my DTMF signals. Could you provide recommendations on how to adjust the pause and duration between each DTMF signal?

Note: Guidance on the optimal duration for each DTMF signal and the pauses between them

It sounds like this problem is being caused by the DTMF tones on your phone. Our bridge lines are hard-wire lines, and our system is designed to recognize the tone of the keys being entered. I suggest pressing each of the keys to the access code very heavily and slowly which will help get you through to your call successfully. You can also dial into the backup number: (518) 906-1739 , this number will reroute you into your conference call, or you may call your phone provider and ask to lengthen your DTMF tones.