Participant List Missing

Within the last month the names on our participant list were missing and we were only able to see the phone numbers.
This week another host and I aren’t able to see the list of participants at all.

I’m using the fcc iPad app and the other host is using a desktop computer.

Is this a known glitch? Does anyone know how to view the participant list?

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hello, I’ve sent you a private message to clarify few things. I hope we can resolve this issue soon.
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Hello I am having the same issue whereas I can’t see the names of the participant like I could before. Can you send this detail to me of how to resolve this?

Hello, this is currently a known issue that will take our support teams about three weeks to resolve. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

I have been experiencing the same issue for the past several months in which has been reported to the support team and the problem still persists.

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Please explain what is the issue, do the names of participants not display on your Web Controls? Are they set up by you as a host or they appear together with phone number?