Participant permissions

Participants cannot share the screen. If you change the participant to a moderator, the participant must install FreeConferenceCall. Can participants’ permissions be increased? In addition, can attendees join the meeting just by entering their name?

Anyone sharing the screen must install the application. When joining they may use their name and meeting ID, the email address is optional.

So just to be clear, any participant that is using the application on a computer can share their screen?

Host would need to pass presenter to a participant in oder for participant to present.
Right click on the participant anywhere (in the Attendee list for example) to see the menu

Does this mean only one participant at a time can be presenter? What if there are several hosts - must only one at a time share their screen?

Yes, only one individual at a time can share his screen.

The difference between hosts and participants is that any host may start presenting at any time while participants shall be nominated by host to be a presenter.

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