Participants sometimes see each other video but some times not. Can you explain?

By default everybody can start their web cam and broadcast own video to the whole conference. In our desktop/mobile and web clients we show:

  • one big video of active speaker (or whoever you locked on)
  • your own video in the small window in the side bar
  • 4 small videos of previous active speakers in the side bar (this list is scrollable, so you can scroll and see all attendees eventually)

If, however, host selected a “Lecture” or “Q&A” mode we hide the sidebar for all participants. This makes them only be able to see themselves and the active speaker.
The host still able to see the side bar with participants as usual.

Why we are doing it:
This is to mimic traditional lecture that you might had in a college. During the lecture you have a professor (host) presenting to a class (participants). The professor sees everybody in the class while students shall only see the professor

The Q&A mode is when professor invited a student to say something to the class. This student becomes an active speaker and thus other students will see him/her in the active speaker window.

Hope it helps
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Not sure why, but I have tested this but even in lecture mode participants able to other participants video. Other participants video doesn’t start in the beginning but after few mins it started.

just tested and it works as I described. To avoid a confusion
this feature only works in Lecture or Q&A mode

  • participants will see “active speaker” whoever he is (i.e. not necessarily exclusively host)
  • host always sees everyone

If you feel like this is not like this - please contact customer service.

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Thanks Eugene, It is a bit tricky actually but manageable.