Password - allowed characters?

I assume passwords can contain all upper- and lower-case letters, and numbers. Are any special characters allowed (e.g. ±=_@#$%^&;:,.<>/~[](){}?!|*)?

Here’s what led to my question. I signed up for a new account and used a password generator to create a strong password. When I tried to log in, I got a message saying my log-in credentials were invalid. So I went through the “forgot password” sequence to get in again, generating a new strong password every time. After this happened two or three times in succession, I searched the website for information on allowable characters in passwords. I could find nothing. So, having seen these symptoms before, I tried a method that sometimes works. i eliminated all special characters from the next new password I generated. Suddenly everything seems to work fine, and I’m able to sign in and out with no trouble. Hence my question above.

thank you for the report. It is indeed a problem on our side. We are fixing it

Thank you,

Thanks for your prompt reply!