Pay for one year?

Is it possible that I can not pay for the service for a whole year?

in a few days the service is paid and it seems that only one month at a time is possible


This option is currently not available, but we are thinking about it. The main reason is that in some cases there are monthly incidentals (like TF minutes) so it won’t completely remove the monthly invoice.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply !
So please correct me if I misunderstood:

  1. I pay every month;
  1. if I do not pay a month I return to the free account;
  2. if I pay again for a month I go back to full services.
    Have I understood correctly?

To continue with your nice service I’m going to take a credit card (which has a cost and I’ve never had any)… I wouldn’t want to go wrong…

In a few days the service (with the video) will be paid.
What I wrote will allow me to still use videoconferencing?