Pay per conference


Is there a way to implement a pay per webchat or conference? It would be nice if there was a plugin or addon for a website where our big team can receive appointment requests, and the client can pay a certain amount that we specify, thru any payment channel we specify, for a certain number of minutes, on the day of the appointment that we specify. Is there a way to do that with wordpress? Zoom has found a free way to do that thru a complicated process, which i would rather not share, so you can hopefully come up with a better and simpler out of the box solution.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks


Unfortunately, we do not have a feature where you can charge participants/clients before having a meeting or conference call. But I will send your suggestion up to our development team. Thank you.

You could do the appointments and payment with Calendly and then send the participants your conference details in the confirmation or reminder email. Just an idea, you may accomplish what you are looking for.