Playback Report

I used to receive a daily email called Playback Report which showed the numbers that called in, for how long, etc.
Since April 1st I haven’t received any such reports.

1 - How can I continue to receive them?
2 - How can I check my reports now for the last few weeks?

Thank you very much.


We still generate Playback Reports for customers. Playback reports are sent at the end of the day if someone either dials into your playback number to listen to a recording or listens to a recording using the link you shared. I sent you a personal message for further investigation. Thank you.

Ok, I responded to your personal message.

Also, where on this website can I look at all the reports?

For the benefit of others, I’d like to post what I discovered.

I am only receiving Playback Reports for recordings that I recorded live on the conference call number.
However, I am not receiving any Playback Reports for recordings that I uploaded to Broadcaster - even though people call in to listen to them.

I would love to receive Playback Reports for those too.