Possible with Broadcaster?

Trying to figure out if I am able to set up Broadcaster in this way:

I want to upload an mp3 audio file of a worship service at my church, and then have people call my FCC number and hear it play back automatically. But - not at any certain time. In other words, Joe calls at 1:00 and is listening, Colleen calls 7 minutes later, but hears the recording from the beginning, along with all others that call in. Is this possible? Basically deliver a message from the beginning to each person that calls in, even though they may “overlap” with their call-in times.

Unfortunately, the broadcaster will only play an audio file during the live conference call although our custom greeting feature would prompt all your participants to hear your message regardless of the time they dial-in.

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at custom greeting, but couldn’t find any information about how long it could be. Could it be as much as 30 minutes? And if they choose to not listen, would they have the option to skip it and go straight to a scheduled conference?

Custom greeting is not a good idea for this. Try to use other our service www.simplevoicebox.com

Thank you, so much. That seems to be the perfect answer - a combination of accounts on simplevoicebox, and freeconferencecall will fulfills our wishlist of how this new phone ministry will work for our parish. Thank you for offering this service, I will become a paying customer.

thanks for the awesome information.