Problems with android app screen


I have problems with android app, Samsung Galaxy S9, latest firmware, - when I start app and it connects it starts flashing black screen, so I am not able to touch screen commands. This is going for a while and luckily I am then able to start conference and after a while when I start video is everything ok.


I would like to test and see if I am able to reproduce this issue. I also have the Samsung Galaxy S9. When you use the start a conference call using the FreeConferenceCall application, how are you dialing in? Are you using the “My Phone” or the “Internet” option? Please advise.


After testing the issue, it looks like the problem that you are experiencing is not caused by the FreeConferenceCall application but rather by the phone. The reason why the phone screen is blacking out is due to a sensor at the top of the phone. Typically, when you make a call from your phone you have the phone up to your ear. So when the sensor is covered the phone assumes that you will not be using the screen and it goes black. But, if you put the call on speaker, then the phone assumes that you will be using the screen so it will not go black if the sensor is covered. Please let me know if this information was useful. Thank you.