Q&A muting presenter?

When the host places meeting in Q&A mode, as expected everyone is muted. However, often host (acting as moderator) and presenter (to whom participants will ask questions) are not the same user.

As far as I can tell Q&A is muting everyone except host (moderator), so host has to consciously unmute active presenter before starting to work through Q&A queue?

Is there a way for Q&A to mute everyone except both the host (moderator) and the active presenter so that the presenter can actually answer the questions asked? or even move somehow move the active presenter to the top of the Q&A screen and flag them so that the host can easily identify that the presenter is muted and unable to answer Q&A?

This is a great suggestion. We will look into it.

Currently you can apply the following workaround: You can assign presenter a co-host role. In this case he/she will not be muted.

warning: co-host will be able to execute other functions (like recording control, drop, etc). Do it only if you trust the presenter.

Thanks. Am aware of that option - wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. In that case can we please move the the Feature wanted category. Thanks for the super fast response and clarification. Great tool and great support.