Q&A queue is not in chronological order

Why isn’t the list of callers waiting to ask a question ordered according to whose next? it does seem that the system takes the requests and orders them chronologically. The list displayed during the Q&A session however is not chronological. Nor is it alphabetical. It seems to be ordered by the duration that the caller has been on the call, not how long they’ve been in the Q&A queue. So I sound like an ass when I read the displayed list and announce, “Ok, we have Eddy next, then Tony, followed by Marcus in Miami” but when I click Next, Marcus or Tony is next. It is just illogical that the list should be displayed out of order. I hope that this can be fixed.


please specify where you see the Q&A list. on the web, mobile app or desktop app?

Thank you,

I’m talking about the web controls page which i use to manage the meeting. i checked both the desktop and mobile apps and the list was the same. the only difference on the apps is that there is not a top spot where the current presenter is moved to when it is their turn to ask a question.