Radio features on livestreaming

your ad on the website says “… Reach a large audience by using the Radio feature to stream conferences live over the internet.” with the Radio. How?


Simple. To use the radio feature on our website you will need to enable the radio feature on the wall preferences when clicking the “Meeting Wall” button at the top. Once on the wall preferences you will scroll down and see that “Radio” will be red and off. To turn it on click the off button and it’ll turn green which means it’s on. From there do click save and close. This will give you the capability of actually broadcasting your calls from the meeting wall. There with be a radio symbol on your meeting wall now with a on and off button for your participants that dont want to join into the call but want to hear it from the internet.

thanks even if this was a paid feature that would be a great consideration

Can you explain what this feature is? What does it mean “for your participants that dont want to join into the call but want to hear it from the internet.”? How can participants hear from internet?


If you have the Radio Feature enabled on your wall preferences what will happen is you will now have a “Radio” on your meeting wall. If users didn’t want to join in to your conference call but would like to hear it, they can go to your meeting wall click “On” on the Radio Feature and listen in to the call from a computer. They wouldn’t actually be in your call and will not be able to speak but will be listening to the call from a computer through there speaks.

Is there are way to know how many have listed to a call / online meeting with the Radio button?

Hello, unfortunately no, this information is not tracked on the account level at this time.

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