Recording download automatic available

I would like to suggest to have on dashboard an option, that all my recordings are automatically available for download. If I send a link to recording to my client now, she can not download this recording automatically, I need to enable this manually inside Recordings section. And this takes a lot of time ( I need to send 3-4 recording links daily). Before, this option was enabled by default. Now you changed into not being able to download recording by default. PLEASE make an OPTION inside the dashboard, that we can choose either recordings are downloadable or not downloadable by default. Thank you.

PS. why I can’t add tags: recording, download ?

Thank you for your suggestion. At this time the only way you will be able to make the recording downloadable for participants is by logging into your account online, going to your History and Recordings page and checking the “Allow Participants to Download Recording” option under the share icon. We will send your suggestions to our development team, and will reply back to this post with any updates. Thank you.

FCC has an option to download recordings via RSS feed. Go to History and Recording page and scroll down for instructions.