Recovering Deleted Recordings

I was hosting a teaching session and it was being recorded; Unfortunately mid-teaching the space ran out (i now know that’s watch the doorbell sound I heard mid teach) without my knowledge and resulted in the entire teaching being deleted. Is there not a way of having a holding place where the the recording holds/remain in a pending status until you increase space so that you can have access to the recording? Is there anyway possible to get the partial recording? Please consider adding a feature that allows for the entire recording not to be deleted or a recovery method. At least make it so that we are able to retrieve the portion that was recorded after space runs out.

I’m sad i wasn’t aware before i continued without having the ability to recover last nights teaching.

Sorry that you experienced the problem.
Here is how it supposed to work:

  • If you have at least a little bit of space you WILL be able to start the recording
  • we do NOT stop the recording when the space ends in the middle of the recording.
  • This will put you over the limit but you shall not lost your recording. You won’t be able to start a new recording until you delete something or buy more space.