Reference Number and History Listing for Uploaded Audio in Broadcaster

Can it be done… to provide reference numbers for uploaded audio in Broadcaster. Also that those recordings show up in History & Recordings? For dial-in users, they can only hear the most recent recording, since there is not a reference number assigned.



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You and your participants can also use your playback number. to listen to recordings by phone. You will simply call the playback number located on your account information page online, enter the access code, followed by the reference number. The reference number is used to identify each recording. It can be located by accessing History & Recordings page.

If you have uploaded any audio files to the Broadcaster, they also are assigned reference numbers. To locate the reference numbers for each audio file on the broadcaster, you will simply click on the “Share” icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the right. At the top left hand corner of the “Share” pop up box, you will see the reference number. Thank you.

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But if we would be able to upload an Audio it would make life much easier.

by me it keeps on jumping the first recording was number2 then4 then6 then 9 and so on can any one help with that