RFE: date format

FCC allows users (hosts) to set their Country, their Time zone, and their Language.
It would be good to either use this information to tweak the date format, or else to explicitly let the host choose their preferred date format.
For example, dates like 9/8/2022 are ambiguous if the date format is unclear to users, and confusing if the user is expecting the date to be presented in their local format.


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All dates on the website are in “western” format, month/date/year. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change this display

You might call it “western”, although “US” is perhaps a better name, and the format is not so widely used around the world.
Rather day-month-year and year-month-day formats are the most widely used (including in several “Western” countries).

What country do you have in Settings on our website? Is it US?

No. Country is set to “Australia” on the website, and the Time Zone is also set accordingly.

It appears that on our website if your language set to English, the date will be shown in this format: month/date/year. Country setting doesn’t matter.

If the date format is connected to the Language setting, then a quick fix could be to allow users to fine-tine the Language by offering more granular options, such as

  • English (US)
  • English (UK)


For most English-speaking users having even just the above two options would be sufficient in the context of this application.