Room conference sound unaudable

I tried to have a meeting from a room with 5 people one of which would play a piano and sing from time to time. The other conference call participants could not understand the garbled music and voice. Is there some tip or trick in the settings to enable sound from a physical room? We were in lecture mode and tried the only sound control we could find agc on or off.

My musician friends tell me there are other conference software that will do this. Can FCC?


Hello Kevin, it depends on what microphone you use with FCC app, simple built-in microphone can have less quality and cover distance. Maybe you can try to use external microphone to capture room sound better.

I used an external microphone on an android device. A good quality RODE shotgun mic. The sound that came through, with this external mic, sounded like it needed more bandwidth. The following week I tried another product Zoom with their “original sound” setting. This produced acceptable audio. What I am trying to add to a conference is a live band with instruments and singers.