Schedule Meeting with Broadcaster ON

How can i schedule a audio meeting and ensure that at the time to start the broadcaster will start the audio selected?

Thank you.


We here at do not require that you schedule a call with us at any time as the lines are open 24/7 to use at your best convenience. All you would need to do is provide the dial-in number, access code, date and time to your participants in an invitation to provide them the information they need to connect to the conference call.

At the time of your conference call you will need to be logged into your account and navigate to your broadcaster. When you are ready to play the audio file over the conference line, you will simply click “Broadcast”. Thank you.

Is there any plan for a feature to start broadcasting? For example, if I want to replay a recording at a certain time of day on a certain day and I tell people to call in at that time, is there a way that it will automatically play?

ALso, can the broadcaster work like a radio station and continuously play on repeat?

this is a good suggestion that we shall consider to implement.
Feel free to create a separate post in “Feature Needed” topic