The FCC Apps Lack Accessibility for Blind Persons Using Screen-Reader Software

Hi, I love FreeConferenceCall, I have been using FCC off and on for over a decade, I love what FCC is doing. I’ve been exploring and playing around with FCC via phone. I am visually-impaired and use the JAWS (Job Access with Speech) and NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) screen-reader software on my Windows 10 laptop computer and Apple’s built-in Voiceover screen-reader software on my iPhone 13. I like that FCC has various apps to fully utilize its services. I am a Huddle subscriber/user. I tried using the FCC app on my iPhone 13. The conferencing portions of the app are somewhat accessible, but not all of the buttons/options are readable by Voiceover. In the Virtual Phone section of the app, the keypad buttons are readable but the rest of the buttons/options are not. I tried using the FCC Desktop App for Windows, but it it is almost completely unnavigable using the JAWS and NVDA screen-reader software. Most of the time, to JAWS and NVDA, the FCC Desktop app is a totally blank screen. If efforts could be made to make the apps more accessible to users of screen-reader software, I and other blind and visually-impaired FCC users would greatly appreciate it. For more information about the JAWS for Windows screen-reader software for Windows, visit JAWS® – Freedom Scientific. For more information about the NVDA screen-reader software for Windows, visit Thank you for your time and consideration. Keep up the great work.

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Hello, unfortunately, wу don’t plan any updates for Free Conference Call services for now. We apologize for inconveniences.