The purpose of dial-in numbers

I’ve not understood the purpose of using dial-in numbers. I use FCC on my system. I don’t use the mobile app. I never used this feature as I don’t understand why & how should I use it. Can someone explain with different scenarios? I would like to make the experience of my contacts better if this can help somehow.

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Rahul Dev

Dials in numbers are for individuals who have no knowledge of using Apps or systems.

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we offer different ways how people can connect to a meeting

  • connect via web browser
  • connect via desktop application
  • connect via mobile application
  • or simply dial a telephone number

The later requires attendee to know what number to dial. This number is called “Dial-in number”
People may memorize the dial in number and the access code (if access code is needed) and then dial it whenever they need to have a conference. They do not needs to run any applications or login on the web for that.