The purpose of dial-in numbers

I’ve not understood the purpose of using dial-in numbers. I use FCC on my system. I don’t use the mobile app. I never used this feature as I don’t understand why & how should I use it. Can someone explain with different scenarios? I would like to make the experience of my contacts better if this can help somehow.

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Dials in numbers are for individuals who have no knowledge of using Apps or systems.

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we offer different ways how people can connect to a meeting

  • connect via web browser
  • connect via desktop application
  • connect via mobile application
  • or simply dial a telephone number

The later requires attendee to know what number to dial. This number is called “Dial-in number”
People may memorize the dial in number and the access code (if access code is needed) and then dial it whenever they need to have a conference. They do not needs to run any applications or login on the web for that.

Hi @etcipnj! :grinning::bouquet:

I posted this query in July 2020. I didn’t pursue it further that time as I was trying to get familiarised with FCC. I still don’t understand why should FCC have dial-in numbers to join an online conference. Why can’t anybody who has the link or meeting credentials (meeting id & password) join straight away? Today, the most popular online meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, all use meeting id & password to hold virtual meetings. In FCC, as a presenter, I’m left with an additional task to explain to my participants how to join the meeting hosted by me using the FCC mobile app.

Today, I had a very embarrassing situation when my old & new team members couldn’t join. I had to switch to the other app to make my meeting successful.

Just now before writing this message, I went through the long list of terms, commands, codes etc. at & got highly confused. Most people are not aware of FCC & many insist to use other popular apps. Then asking them to learn or understand all these codes, terms etc. to join my meeting through FCC mobile app, I find a herculean task.

Please suggest how can I make it a memorable experience for my meeting attendees? Here, I would also like to clarify that a meeting I hold the first time is with my prospect whose trust level is already very low. Then putting them into such a tricky situation of learning all these new ways of joining a meeting is like losing the half battle before I fought it.

Sorry for such a long message. I hope you will appreciate my predicament.

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Rahul Dev


Thank you for you questions!
I would be glad to give you an extensive answer to your questions on a meeting with you (I’ve sent you a private message to schedule)

In reality, the only thing you need to give your participants is the join link (and the security code if you set it up).
Everything else is optional. Dial-in numbers and access codes are for the people (there are many of them) who are not willing or unable to use computers to join. If in your case computers or smartphones are all you need - just give your participants the join link.

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