Toll Free dial in number

Freconferencecall offers a toll free number option for hosts.
The cost is $0.039 per minute to the host.
Is this cost for each participant in a conference, not just the host?
In other words, an hour’s conference with 30 participants would cost the host $70.20, not $2.34.
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The cost for the Toll-Free Number is $0.039 per minute per caller. You will charged for the total number of minutes used by each caller including the host. Yes the cost for a hour conference with 30 callers connected will be $70.20 plus the United Service Fund fee that is mandated by the FCC to charge.

Does everyone need to use the toll-free number, or can we have a mixture of toll/toll-free callers in the same conference?

People can use their preferred method to connect. Only those who used TF number will generate a cost for the host.

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If I am using One Number, will the system sort out which calls are toll and which are not or is there a way I can alert the participants to choose either the One number or a toll number? I signed up to pay the toll charges but want those who can talk for free to do that.


Both the One Number and the conference dial-in number and access code are US toll numbers, so long distance charges may apply. Thank you.

There are 3 ways to connect to us

  • Toll number (One Number or Regular Dial in Number)
  • Toll Free number - ONLY if host enabled on his/her account
  • VOIP

Here is how charges work:

  • VOIP - always free for everyone
  • Toll - all participants pay for themselves. IMPORTANT: participants pay to their telephone company, not FCC. Most participants are on the unlimited long distance plans - so they don’t pay anything extra
  • Toll Free: host pays per minute for everyone who dialed in TollFree number

You as a host have all the means to steer users to use one number or another
This dialog allows you to show one or another number to your participants in the invitation.

Please note: If you purchased TollFree number and not selected it as default - your participants still be able to find it and be able to dial it. It is just not shown as a default number that is all.

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Please how can people access the VOIP dialer.?

Connect using your computer or mobile phone. You need your OnlineMeetingID to join or your login and password if you want to host.

  • you can user web browser
  • desktop application (recommended)
  • mobile application (iOS, Android)

Participant instructions:
Host Instructions:

Download our apps:

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How can you keep track of toll free usage? Is there a way to see how many minutes you are using before receiving the invoice? thanks.

Currently it is not possible. I think it is a fair request. We shall show you open invoice with the indication that the amount is “projected” and will be finalized at the end of billing cycle. I’ll post to your request to product team.

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