Using Broadcaster for church music

I am struggling with playing mp3 files using Broadcaster. I am a pastor using this platform for church services, and we are using Broadcaster to play hymns. The organist plays the organ and we (in my family) sing along. Congregation wants both keyboard and vocal music. We are playing the keyboard via broadcaster and singing live. Participants can only hear our voices.

How can we do this? Everyone singing does not work on phone conference (we are very rural and folks don’t have internet, some don’t have computers, so we are only using phone conferences, which have lags.) I’ve been looking for a user guide on Broadcaster.

Any ideas?

More information: It occurs to me that maybe I cannot broadcast and use the phone at the same time. I’m cool with prerecording the vocals. But I don’t seem to be able to play the broadcaster files in a way that people on the conference call can hear.


You can definitely use both your telephone and the Broadcaster Feature at the same time. First you will need to log into your account and go to the “Meeting Wall” drop-down towards the top of your page and then will click on the “Broadcaster” option. You will be taken to the Broadcaster page where you can click “Upload” to upload a file or you can select “Broadcast” on the file you wish to play as the call is going on. You can also view for the Broadcaster instructions.

So this is exactly what I did, but folks on the call said they could not hear the music when I played it. I was playing the accompaniment on the broadcaster wall, and singing at the same time. People could hear my voice, but not the accompaniment. I could hear the accompaniment on my machine. All the people save one or two are calling in on the phone.


I tried to simulate your situation.

  1. uploaded music to the broadcaster
  2. started the conference and started the broadcasting into the conference
  3. I spoke over the music and recorded it to prove that both music and voice were recorded

See the instructions:

The recording from the step 3 is here

I think I know what might be your problem. It could be the fact that you played the music on your computer rather than into the conference. This explains why you hear it while others don’t. (please see my first recording where I showed that)

Hope it helps!
Thank you,

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