Using Dial-Ins for Philippines-based numbers

Hello! I just want to ask if anyone here had experience using the Dial-Ins feature for number carriers from the Philippines?

It would be nice to know how much is the call? Or if the number is registered on a unlimited-call promo, would they be able to use the Dial-In with it – via Globe? Smart? Sun Cellular?

Thank you so much!


Callers from the Philippines can dial into your conference line using their mobile or landline phone. There is no charge from us for calling in to your conference line. However, the dial-in number that we provide to you is a regular U.S. phone number. Each caller is responsible and must know whether or not they can call into the dial-in number for free. If the user has a telephone plan that does not include calling into the US for free, then their telephone provider can and will charge them for placing that call. The price of that charge would be completely dependent on the telephone provider.

If there is a country that we do not have on our international list, what we recommend is to call into the next neighboring country that is on that list. They may inquire charges from their carrier since they are calling outside of their country. To avoid charges, they can connect over the internet. If they have a smartphone or tablet, they can download our application and join the meeting using the internet rather than going through their carrier’s network.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our customer care at (844)844-1322 international or local support. Our live customer service department hours are open 24 hours. For our complete list of services, please visit our services page and follow us online. Thank you for choosing Thank you.