Video is not being recorded when played through Broadcaster

Ran into this problem… so when I record a conference call, sometimes I share pdfs using the Broadcaster feature. It has been great, so I decided to share video as well. On playback, I’m finding that only the audio is being recorded for the video. Everything is fine. On playback, pdfs show fine. I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing. Please advise.

When you share your screen you need also to share the FCC app itself, so you can share Broadcaster video. When selecting items to share, choose “FCC app” to share together with your other content.

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I’ll double check my steps, but usually from the app I just go to Broadcaster and play the video. I don’t go to “share” to play unless I’m using the web version. Should I be doing something before playing through the Broadcaster in order to capture the video in the recording?

As I understand, you want to record a screen sharing session? And you use broadcaster to play a video during your meeting. To be able to record a session when you use Broadcaster, you need to activate screen sharing and share FCC app.