Viewing Attendees

Is it possible to display everyone that is in the conference as opposed to only 5 at the top of the screen and you have to scroll to see who’s there?


Unfortunately we don’t have this feature yet. It turns out this is a very popular request so we started to work on adding it. The first implementation will show 6 video streams in a grid and the second version will bump it to 25.

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New here. I joined to find out how to turn on gallery view or at least see more people. Put me down as another happy user who would like gallery view.

When is this update going to be available. I am now averaging 2 to 3 conference calls a day and it’s very frustrating not being able to see everyone that is there. GoToMeeting, Zoom and Webex do it.

We are working on this feature, but I can’t promise the ETA yet.

Is this feature any closer to being available?

You won’t be able to see everybody at once. We support up to 1000 simultaneous calls, showing them altogether is a bad idea.

We are close to release the first version that will show up to 5 ppl simultaneously and then we follow up with the version that will show 16

The first version will be out in 2 weeks (we hope)

This is a critical issue for us to use in our not for profit. We need to conduct Board meetings with 20 people participating.

How do we access or turn on this feature?

we released a version that shows 25 people at once. Please update your desktop applications to the latest version. The mobile and web versions still show 5 people at once.