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Hi guys, this is amazing software, but I really need a virtual background. I don’t want people to see my office environment. Even a black screen, something, distort it, something but can we get a virtual background some how?

Thanks, your software is awesome!

Hello Bill,

This feature has been requested by a lot of our users. Our Product development team is currently working on adding this feature to our system but we unfortunately do not have an ETA of when this feature will be released.

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we actively working on it. It will be available on 64bit Windows and Mac first. No ETA yet, but it is closer than many think :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Can’t wait for it! :slight_smile:

this feature is released. It is available (Mac, Win) to all hosts who pay us anything.
Please give it a try. Still work in progress, but would like to get your feedback

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Does this mean it’s not a free service? To get a virtual background, the user has to pay. Is that right? What is the minimum amount? Is it a recurring payment or one-time payment?

We try to keep service free for the endusers whenever possible. Each country has own telecom regulations that sometimes mandate us to pay $ for every incoming call our customers made to the service (India is the example). Since we are not trading or mining data generated by our customers we need to find ways to pay our bills.
Recently we started Pay What You Can Campaign that allows customers to pay for those who are not able to pay at this time. We were surprised how many customers took this idea to their hearts.

About the Virtual Background:
We do not charge for this feature specifically but we make this feature visible as a token of gratitude to the individuals who pay us anything. Choose Custom Greeting, Virtual Phone or donate us any amount via Pay What You Can and you get Virtual Background for free.

Thank you,

I pay and I currently don’t have virtual Backgrounds and I’ve followed the instructions what’s missing here? I was just in my preferences and under video settings - I do not have the option to change my background like I can on zoom. Please advise

I appreciate what you said. Certainly, you people are doing a great job by providing such an awesome free service. However, my few queries remain unanswered.

  1. Is it a recurring payment or a one-time payment?

  2. Can the virtual background be customised or it’s one fixed background?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

here is the check list:

  • make sure your account is paying
  • make sure you logged in with the same account in the application (verify that OnlineMeeting ID on the web and the application are the same)
  • If you still do not see it in preferences - this means your computer might not be supported:
    • here is what we support currently: Windows 64bit, Mac, Intel CPU Gen 6+

About Apple M1: We do not officially support it, but it turns out that their Rosetta2 looks pretty good, so we are allowing M1 in the upcoming release.
Also, even if you do not have compatible configuration we will show the effect in the preferences as disabled. This way we hope users will have less of the confusion.

Sorry I did not answer your questions directly

  1. Is it a recurring payment or a one-time payment?
    Any paying account will get the virtual background. There is no way to have a one time payment anywhere on the web site. I recommend to select “Pay What You Can” for $1/month (or whatever you prefer) and it will give you the feature.

  2. Can the virtual background be customised or it’s one fixed background?
    You can choose blur, or one of the predefined backgrounds or even upload your own.

Thank you,

Overall, really LOVE FreeConferenceCall.

However, I don’t have the virtual options, either.
I do have:

  • Paying account
  • Use same Online Meeting ID
  • 64-bit Windows 10
  • Intel i5 Gen 6 CPU
  • 8 GB of RAM
    The really confusing thing to me is that I can use virtual backgrounds in other conferencing applications with no trouble.

Is there anything else I can check?

Many thanks for any guidance!

I’ve sent you a private message. Lets troubleshoot this!

Hi @etcipnja, I’ve subscribed to the "Pay What You Can” service. I changed my virtual background. However, the video quality is quite poor. There is some sort of blurring around my own picture. It’s not a sharp image at the edges. How can I improve it?

hello, there are 2 types of effects

  • blur the background
  • replace background with the image of your choice

In both cases we do not alter the foreground, so it is not clear how your image might be affected. Can you please send me the small video from your web cam with the effect and without? Please send it as a private message.

As far as I know we do not soft the edges yet. Although this is something that we shall be doing because that shall enhance the perception of the video stream especially in the case when you replace the background with the own image.

Thank you,

Hi Eugene,

When I was referring to image blurring, I was talking about a thin black line/shading visible around my own image. Later I found that this effect is not alone with FCC but with other equivalent online meeting apps as well.

So no worries anymore.

I may be subscribing once again for the background feature soon. However, in the past few months, you have revised your pricing. Now the minimum is I think 4$. I found another fact. When I’m not logged in to my account, I get the pricing in INR starting from ₹300 but when I log in, it changes to USD. How can I pay in INR after logging in to my account? Is there a way to get a GST invoice for my payments? I’m a GST registered dealer with the Indian govt. & would like to take the benefit of the GST credit.

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

Hello, Rahul, you need to have India as your country in Settings: then the prices will be shown in INR

There are two settings

  • what user thinks about his country (user can change)
  • what we believe user’s region/country/currency (not user changeable)

Rahul, if you need to change your currency please write me a private message

Thank you,