We are not able to become host by putting access code followed by #

we are not able to become host by putting access code followed by #

To become a host you need to enter a host pin. If you are already in meeting press # host pin #

This solution does not work. Are there any other suggestions?

Please explain what happens when you dial it. Regular way to become a host is to Dial a conference number, enter access code followed by #, enter host pin followed by #

In the app…when you touch the keypad, nothing happens. There is no tone, no response, nothing happens when you touch your phone keypad. It is as if the keypad in the app is disabled. I only have this problem in the app. I am able to use the solution that you gave when I am not using the app.

I also deleted the app and reinstalled it…same issue.

Please provide your phone model and OS version.

iPhone 13 Pro. IOS 17.5.1.

I too am noticing that the dialpad controls no longer work. I am unable to lock the call, mute participants or initiate the recording from the app. Is there an update for the software?


I am also getting reports from our student teachers that they cannot become host using the keypad in the app. I have had at least ten different people report this. Everyone uses different OS and phone types, both Android and Apple. The keypad works for me on iOS iPhone 12 Pro, but not for many other people.

There is also a review in the Apple App Store complaining of this. I do think it is crappy of people to leave tech support complains as reviews, but I point this out since it appears to be a wide spread issue.

Specifically, when they call into a conference call via join through the FCC app using either the Meeting ID or the Telephone Number and Access Code, they cannot use the keypad to enter # Host PIN #. The keypad does not respond.

We are all hoping for a quick fix.


I think you should facing this problem after long time. If you are unable to become a host by entering the access code followed by # ensure that you are entering the correct access code without any extra spaces or errors. Additionally, verify that the system recognizes the # key input correctly. If the issue persists it might be helpful to restart the system or contact technical support for further assistance.


I have contacted support and they have not responded in the last 2 days.

It’s not a user error. It’s a problem with the keypad in the FCC app. There is no response when using the keypad for some users.