Web Viewer pdf slideshow viewing issues

Today, we experienced a problem we’ve never had before.

Our guest speaker, who had co-host privilege, used a brand new Windows 10 laptop to share a pdf file that contained several images. The file was shown in Adobe Acrobat DC, and he manually advanced the pictures of that pdf file with his keyboard’s arrow buttons or the enter button.

Members who used the FCC Apps were able to watch these slides advance from one image to the next. However, members who had joined the meeting via Web Viewer only saw the first shared image of that slideshow, but none of the images that followed after that.

We are baffled as to why this happened. Any ideas?


I am sorry that you’ve experienced a problem with the web version.
This is unlikely to be related to the the document sharing because for the client it looks exactly the same as if it was a regular screensharing.
Apparently, something caused the web version to stop receiving screensharing after the first page. I tested it myself and was not able to reproduce it. Could you please try again and let me know if it is reproducible on your end? If yes, this greatly helps to speedup the fix.

Thank you,

Hi Eugene,
Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue, because it did not happen to me (host), only to people who used Web Viewer (someone let me know via the FCC chat shortly after the presentation began). Everyone else was able to see all the pictures just fine. The guest speaker was showing his pdf file containing the pictures in Acrobat DC, via the screensharing feature of the FCC desktop/laptop App, on his laptop, in Windows 10. I don’t know what kind of devices the Web Viewer people were using.